The 5 Best Shows on Netflix and PBS to Help You Learn BBQ

If you've ever wondered how the best BBQ pitmasters in the world are able to make the best brisket, ribs, and other fine BBQ items, here are five shows or films that can help you learn how it's done.

franklin bbq.jpg

1) BBQ with Franklin

In the BBQ world, Aaron Franklin from Austin, Texas is one of the most respected pitmasters in the game. People (including me!) line up to wait four hours every day to try his masterful barbecue. This PBS show features lots of insights into how to make amazing BBQ and spotlights a who's who of Texas BBQ legends, all with Franklin as our guide.

Watch it on PBS.


2) Barbecue

The film Barbecue, which debuted at South by Southwest in March 2017, is now on Netflix. In it, Director Matthew Salleh travels to 12 different countries to show and try barbecue from around the world. The film is told in 13 languages and takes you from Texas to the Syrian border. While you may not learn a ton about technique, you'll better understand how barbecue functions in global culture.

Watch it on Netflix.

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3) Cooked

In the first episode of Cooked, writer Michael Pollan outlines a philosophical view of fire, smoke, barbecue, and meat eating. He visits Aboriginal Australians to see some of the oldest human cooking techniques and spends time with famed (Eastern) North Carolina pitmaster Ed Mitchell. It's a trip, in more than one sense.

Watch it on Netflix.


4) Ugly Delicious

The relatively new show Ugly Delicious with chef David Chang is incredibly fun to watch. Season 1, Episode 5 is a look into the minds of several BBQ gurus from around the globe and explores the difference between American BBQ and Korean BBQ with help from a few celebrity guests.

Watch it on Netflix.

5) The Mind of a Chef

The Mind of a Chef, a show with many chefs (including David Chang and April Bloomfield) diving into a variety of topics, has several episodes dedicated to BBQ and pitmasters. Season 1, Episode 15; Season 2, Episode 5; and Season 3, Episode 5 all feature a look into various BBQ styles from around the U.S.

Watch it on Netflix. (Or watch it on PBS.)

Have other shows or movies you love about BBQ? Leave them in the comments below so we can enjoy them too.